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Mr. Billie W. Wade, CPA
Billie W. Wade, CPA
Executive Director, HOPE of KY
(502) 736-1285
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Mrs. Tammy J. Nichols
Tammy J. Nichols
Financial Officer/Asset Mgr, HOPE of KY
(502) 736-1280
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Ms. Tamuna Loladze
Tamuna Loladze
(502) 582-2453
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HOPE of Kentucky, LLC
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HOPE of Kentucky is a Consortium of banks formed to pool funds in to make loans on affordable housing projects. The HOPE of Kentucky Consortium limits credit and interest rate risks for banks by lending to multiple building projects. The HOPE of Kentucky Consortium’s approach gives banks the opportunity to participate in the highly technical world of the affordable housing industry. Our mission is to help build a brighter future for communities in Kentucky, and surrounding regions, by providing safe, wellbuilt, affordable housing for workforce employees and seniors.
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Hometown Bank of Corbin, Inc. on HOPE of Kentucky, LLC

"In a time of low loan demand, HOPE loans have added much needed revenue. In addition, we have participated in a HOPE project in our community to rehab an old school into a beautiful apartment complex."

Mr. Timothy E. Barnes
Hometown Bank of Corbin, Inc., Corbin

Hyden Citizens Bank on HOPE of Kentucky, LLC

"Our involvement with HOPE has been excellent! It has enhanced our balance sheet performance. The credit underwriting, pricing, risk exposure, and service are first rate. Every Kentucky banker needs to be utilizing this program!"

Mr. William F. Brashear, II
Hyden Citizens Bank, Hyden

The Farmers National Bank of Danville on HOPE of Kentucky, LLC

"Through Farmers National Bank’s participation with HOPE of Kentucky, we have been afforded an opportunity to try and meet the housing needs of low and moderate income folks in numerous Kentucky communities. We have found the staff at HOPE , Billie Wade in particular, to be very responsive and professional throughout the whole process."

Mr. Greg W. Caudill
The Farmers National Bank of Danville, Danville

The Housing Partnership on HOPE of Kentucky, LLC

"We found the process of closing our loan with HOPE to be efficient and timely. HOPE clearly understood our mission and what we were trying to accomplish with our transaction. We would recommend that anyone seeking financing for affordable housing include HOPE in their discussions."

Mr. Mike Hynes
The Housing Partnership, Louisville

Bellwether Enterprise on HOPE of Kentucky, LLC

"Billie Wade and HOPE of Kentucky were a pleasure to work with. Their dedication to mission is exemplary and their focus to task made for a great deal for my client."

Mr. Bill Leffew
Bellwether Enterprise, Louisville

Marian Development Group, LLC on HOPE of Kentucky, LLC

"Marian Development Group enjoys working with HOPE of Kentucky because it’s a true team member and not just a financial institution. As part of the team, HOPE of Kentucky works in good faith, providing mutually beneficial terms to bring projects to reality. Understanding the structure of more complex transactions makes Billie Wade uniquely qualified as its Executive Director to source innovative projects that member banks can take pride in. I’ve worked with Billie for years and hope to for many more to come."

Mr. Jacob Brown

Marian Development Group, LLC, Louisville