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Mrs. Selina O. Parrish
Selina O. Parrish
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Compliance Alliance
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Compliance Alliance is owned by nearly 75% of the state bankers association in the U.S. C/A offers a family of services that includes Compliance Hub, Assurance Services, and Virtual Partners. Compliance Hub is a subscription-based regulatory and consumer compliance advisory with access to live hotlines to attorneys, proprietary tools, educational webinars, and unlimited document reviews. Assurance Services is our independent group of certified bank auditors offering regulatory compliance audits, including recommendations for program enhancements to improve future safety and soundness. Virtual Partners is a shared-service model using bank-dedicated compliance officers to monitor and guide your compliance program remotely.

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First & Peoples Bank

"We obtained Compliance Alliance services around June 2014. Everyone that we have allowed access to the site really loves it and is impressed with it. Everything is going fine and the site is very user friendly, which makes it even better."

Mrs. Karena C. Parsons
Compliance Supervisor
First & Peoples Bank, Russell, KY

Planters Bank, Inc.

"After participating in a live demonstration of Compliance Alliance, it was exciting to see the numerous tools and resources provided by them, in addition to their toll-free hotline. Compliance Alliance is providing the solutions we need to sup port the ever increasing compliance and regulatory requirement at Planters Bank. I highly recommend Compliance Alliance for ALL banks!"

Mrs. LuAnn Fries
Compliance Officer/BSA
Planters Bank, Inc., Hopkinsville, KY

Springfield State Bank

"We use Compliance Alliance in every area of the bank - it is as if my entire staff has its own personal Compliance Staff. It's a great tool, that provides limitless compliance resources. There's hardly a day that goes by that I don't log in to Compliance Alliance. In these days of heightened regulatory burden, this was exactly what we needed to take my bank to the next level. Compliance Alliance has been worth every penny - it's a lifesaver. No more 'hours' of research, it's at my fingertips! I highly recommend that all KBA members subscribe to Compliance Alliance! "

Mrs. Christy L. Carpenter
Springfield State Bank, Springfield, KY

Commercial Bank of West Liberty

"After participating on a Compliance Alliance live demonstration, I saw the tools and resources provided by Compliance Alliance, including their toll-free hotline for prompt answers to compliance questions, to be just what is needed for our newly appointed Compliance Officer to stay on top of the ever changing requirements. As an added bonus, I was very excited about monthly newsletters than contain articles addressed to the Board of Directors to keep them apprised of compliance concerns."

Ms. Angela Howard
VP/CFO/BSA and Compliance Officer
Commercial Bank of West Liberty, West Liberty, KY

Lewisburg Banking Company

"We attended a live demonstration with Compliance Alliance and it's been a long time since I have seen anything in the banking world that impressed me this much. We signed up immediately! Bank employees have labeled this purchase as "Christmas in July". It appears to be a game-changer for our bank."

Ms. Edna H. Hughes
Lewisburg Banking Company, Russellville, KY