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Mr. Timothy A. Schenk
Timothy A. Schenk
General Counsel
Kentucky Bankers Association
(502) 736-2682
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What is the KBPAC?

Pretty much everyone has heard Political Action Committess discussed in the news, but not everyone knows what they are, what they do or why they are important. Usually, when you read a news article aboutPolitical Action Committess (PAC) emphasizing corruption, wealth or legal issues. It is hard for the average reader (someone whose life does not revolve around politics) to understand why a PAC, let alone the Kentucky Banker Political Action Committee (KBPAC) matters in his or her life.

What does the KBPAC do?

Simply put, the KBPAC supports legislators and others who have supported the banking industry. In turn, that helps the banking industry stay strong. Some of the changes that have been made in the last decade have attempted to push banking into formula-type services. Formula-type services reduce the need for community banks and allows reliance on automation, to the detriment of employees and customers. By supporting like-minded individuals, KBPAC helps us keep some of the best jobs in the country, but this is only one example of what the KBPAC does. There are many more.

The KBPAC needs your support!

Alone, we may not be able to make even a negligible impact on the future of banking and the legislation impacting the banking industry. Together, however, our pennies become dollars and the impact grows exponentially. For example, in 2018 just over 1,000 Kentucky bank employees donated to the KBPAC. Kentucky banks employ more than 22,000 people. If each person had contributed just $10, we would have raised $220,000 in one year. All this money goes to helping the banking industry in Kentucky.

For the challenges that still await us, this is why the KBPAC needs your support.

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Bank of the Bluegrass and Trust Company

"We appreciate your efforts on behalf of Kentucky bankers. The Directors and Executive Officers of Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. wish you well in achieving your fundraising goals. The Board has doubled their individual contribution amounts. Thanks for all you do trying to help community banks such as Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. remain independent."

Ms. Ellen Louise Mills
Executive Vice President
Bank of the Bluegrass and Trust Company, Lexington, KY