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Mrs. Jessie Southworth
Jessie Southworth
Director of Education
Kentucky Bankers Association
(502) 736-2682
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Ms. Jamie Hampton
Jamie Hampton
Education Services Coordinator
Kentucky Bankers Association
(502) 736-1278
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Ms. Paula Cross
Paula Cross
Education Services Coordinator
Kentucky Bankers Association
(502) 736-1276
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KBA Education Alliance
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Whitaker Bank

"My experience in Wisconsin was a confirmation of how well the KBA General School of Banking prepared me for the Graduate School. The faculty at the KBA school were not only just as qualified academically, but provided a great foundation upon which to build at the graduate school. In hindsight, the intersession project at KBA was perhaps the single most useful tool I took to Wisconsin. Thank you so much for making the program a great stepping stone for my future career!"

Mr. David Kunze
AML/BPM Manager
Whitaker Bank, Lexington, KY

Community Financial Services Bank

"I had the most beneficial experience at the KBA General Banking School! Our presenters were excellent at teaching how the balance sheet and income statement directly affect each other with every decision made. It provided a understanding of how community banking decisions are made. I made lasting relationships with classmates and keep in touch, utilizing each other's banking knowledge and experiences. I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to attend and encourage co-team members to attend!"

Mrs. Cherith Griggs
Loan Operations
Community Financial Services Bank, Benton, KY

River City Bank, Inc.

"How to Improve your Collection Department, was a reminder of past years of collection basics. I have over 37 years of collection experience, and sometimes you need to hear again what the business is all about. The speaker gave helpful insight to new tools for skip tracing such as Facebook, Linkedin, use of instead of the white pages on line, and Equifax search etc. Going back through collection/privacy laws. These are tools of collection to keep you safe. It was great to have that piece presented again. Very good job and very good material presented."

Mr. Floyd Smith
Asset and Security Officer
River City Bank, Inc., Louisville, KY

Community Financial Services Bank

"KBA General Banking School is truly an awesome experience. It helps transform ordinary bankers into extraordinary ones and helps to grow knowledge and experience! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to attend and make lasting relationships! Thank you KBA!"

Ms. Dallas Young

Community Financial Services Bank, Benton, KY

Hyden Citizens Bank

"Loved it! Learned so much and had a great time doing it. Every bank should send as many of their staff as possible to this school. It will only help your bank!"

Mr. Joel Brashear
Community Outreach and Business Development Officer
Hyden Citizens Bank, Hyden, KY