Mr. Ryan Swift
Ryan Swift
VP, Business Development
EverFi, Inc.
(202) 455-8731
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Mrs. Selina O. Parrish
Selina O. Parrish
Director of Membership
Kentucky Bankers Association
(502) 736-1282
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EverFi, Inc.
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EVERFI is a financial education technology company used by more than 800 financial institutions across the country to strengthen their education solutions that are private-labeled, interactive, and measurable to impact learners at scale. EVERFI powers a network of 16+ million learners to increase the financial capability of entire communities including students, customers, employees and business partners.

K-12 Financial Education Programs For Schools

Online + Live Workshop Financial Education keyword(s): financial literacy

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Commercial Bank of West Liberty on EverFi, Inc.

"Commercial Bank's decision to sponsor EverFi for financial literacy in our local high school has been a great way to kick off the new school year! It gives our bank the opportunity to provide the financial education our young people need before going to college or starting a career. Focusing on our community is the key - EverFi is a great solution!"

Hank Allen
Commercial Bank of West Liberty, West Liberty

Farmers Bank & Trust Company on EverFi, Inc.

"We are excited about the opportunity to provide financial literacy education to our local middle school and high school students through EverFi’s web-based financial literacy platforms. EverFi’s digital learning courses are perfect for today’s “digital generation.” This is another way our bank can support our community and improve the educational opportunities in our schools!"

Mr. J. Wade Berry
Farmers Bank & Trust Company, Marion